# Setup

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Prerequisites for a VuePress project are the same as Vue. Currently the project is using yarn version 1.22.x. If you are using yarn 3.x.x then add the yarn cache and support files to .gitignore before pushing to the remote repo.

# Clone

Clone the GitHub project api3dao/api3-docs (opens new window).

git clone git@github.com:api3dao/api3-docs.git

# Dependencies

Install dependencies for the api3-docs project.

cd api3-docs
yarn install

# Run Locally

Execute the docs:dev script in package.json to run the project locally. The script performs three steps to substitute three VuePress components that have been customized .

"docs:dev": "yarn sync:404; yarn sync:navbar; yarn sync:sidebar; vuepress dev docs",
  1. Copies an updated Navbar.vue to node_modules/@vuepress.
  2. Copies an updated Sidebar.vue to node_modules/@vuepress.
  3. Copies an updated Sub404.vue to node_modules/@vuepress as 404.vue.
#  Runs a local development server (hot reload) at localhost:8080.
yarn docs:dev

# Branches

Work locally on branches (not main) and push to the remote repo to be merged with main via a PR.

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