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Consider joining the distributed, highly collaborative Core Development Team at API3. We are constantly searching for talented individuals who think blockchain technology is the big thing and want to build a future where off-chain, real-world data seamlessly interfaces with smart contracts and decentralized applications.

# We are Builders

The Core Development Team is focused on delivering optimized solutions to securely, efficiently, and transparently access off-chain data. We are pioneers in first-party oracle technology that underlies a growing ecosystem of institutions participating in the Web3 API economy.

In addition to working in public and releasing open source software, the Core Development Team embraces automation, experimentation, multi-hat roles, high standards, and supporting one another.

Our compensation is competitive, based on your skills and experience, and paid in stablecoins. We are fully remote and hire globally.

# Openings

Here are some great roles we need help with.

  1. Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

We're always interested in hearing from great candidates, even if we don't have an opening that matches. Get in touch and let's have a conversation.

# Senior Quality Assurance Engineer Job Description

We're looking for a Senior QA Engineer to join the API3 Core team. You'll play a key role in ensuring our software is robust and well optimised. You'll have ownership over the testing process, so this is a great role if you're a self-starter.

What you'll be doing:

  • Full cycle testing: designing, documenting and executing manual tests, and scripting automated tests
  • Root cause analysis of bugs, test failures and regression testing thereof
  • Continuous improvement of the testing tools, test coverage, and automated testing environment
  • Performing investigatory tests of unreleased features and experiments to define requirements, behavior and impact
  • Recommending system improvements based on the testing experience
  • Working closely with the engineers and product owners

What skills we need you to have:

  • Senior-level professional QA engineering experience testing back-end services such as APIs, databases, distributed services (non-monolithic) and Solidity smart contracts
  • Good understanding of modern testing tools, frameworks and strategies
  • Enjoy breaking things and solving problems - not just able to find out the 'what', but also the 'why'
  • A technical scripting ability
  • Thoroughness and attention to detail
  • Professional working proficiency in English

You'll be very well qualified for the role if you have some of the following:

  • Scripting proficiency with NodeJS, Bash and/or Python
  • Experience with Blockchain and Ethereum technologies
  • Experience with smart contract security auditing and testing
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Last Updated: 2/17/2023, 6:47:18 AM